Integrating Windows 365 With Citrix Cloud using Citrix HDX Plus

Citrix and Microsoft Partnership had delivered another collaboration in the Cloud PC/VDI space. Now you can integrate W365 aka Cloud PC with Citrix Cloud and can be accessed via Citrix Workspace and Gateway Service.

Refer the pre-requisites before proceeding

Let us see the step-by-step guide to integrate Windows 365 with Citrix Cloud.

Enable the Windows 365 Citrix Connector

The 1st and foremost action as part of this integration is to enable the Windows 365 Citrix Connector.

Navigate to MEM admin center

Click on “Tenant administration” –> Connectors and tokens

Click on “Windows 365 Citrix Connector. Toggle the “allow people to use Citrix to connect to their Cloud PCs” to ON.

Connect Citrix DaaS with W365

Open Citrix Cloud portal using

In the Citrix Cloud Home page, click on the hamburger menu and click on Citrix DaaS

In the manage tab, Click on “Quick Deploy”

You will be landed in the “Windows 365 Integration checklist”

In the Windows 365 Integration checklist make sure you connected the Azure AD with Citrix Cloud. You can perform this integration by navigating to “Identity and access management” –> Authentication –> Azure active directory and Click on Connect.

The next step is to configure the “Citrix Workspace” for end users to access the W365 desktops. You can enable Citrix workspace from “Workspace configuration” tab from the hamburger menu

Once done, click on the “Connect” button in the “Windows 365 Integration checklist” to initiate the W365 Integration.

Login with a Global administrator Role as you need to consent the Citrix Virtual Apps and desktops. Click on Accept to consent the app.

The final step is to assign the Citrix Cloud licenses to the W365 user. In the “Windows 365 integration checklist” click on “Start” button under option 4.

Click on “Add users” to open the license assignment window.

Add the users by searching the user ID or email address.

You are all set. If the user has a valid W365 license and assigned to a provisioning policy, the W365 will get auto provisioned by including the VDA agent. The admins don’t want to install the VDA agent on the master image in this integration. A new catalog will be created automatically.

Once the W365 provisioning completed,launch your workspace URL and you will be able to view the “CloudPC aka W365 desktop” in the Citrix Workspace page.


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