What is AWS Workspaces?

AWS Workspaces is a fully managed Desktop-As-A-Service solution from AWS. In simple terms, it is a Cloud VDI which can be consumed as a Service and pay monthly for your usage. You can select a Windows 10 or Linux VDI. There is a catch. You will get a Windows 10 feature look by using the Windows 2016 server OS if you are using AWS shared hosting. However there are options to bring your own Windows 10 to AWS Workspaces. You need to purchase a dedicated hosting if you want Windows 10. You can also Bring Your Own License or can consume the windows license and pay for the usage. Let us get Started.

Let us learn some terminology in AWS Workspaces.

Directory:- AWS Directory service is mandatory to start using AWS Workspaces. You can use Simple AD, Microsoft AD, AD Connect to start with. Simple AD and AD Connect if you are using for AWS Workspaces are free.

Bundle:- In simple terms Bundle is a template which includes the OS image, vCPU, RAM and Harddisk ( user and OS disk)

Images:- A Custom Image created from workspace.

WAM:- Workspaces Application Manager is an application deployment/Application provisioning tool to provide AWS Marketplace listed applications or line of business applications to users

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