Citrix Cloud Access management using Azure AD Groups

Citrix Cloud was not supporting AD group based access control for administrators till some time back in 2022. If your organization has 100 helpdesk engineers, it is a manual task to add 100 engineers to the access management console. Citrix Cloud now support AD group based access management for the administrators which means you have a smarter way to control the access to the Citrix Cloud environment.

Let us see how can we configure it.

Access provisioning

Navigate to the Citrix Cloud portal–>Identity and Access Management.

Click on Administrators.

From the “Select an identity provider” drop down, select the Azure AD tenant. search for the AD group and select the AD group which need to be given access.

Select the access type and Click on “Add admin group”.

You will get confirmation that the administrator group has been added and the group and access permissions will be listed in the Administrators tab.

Access verification

The next step is to verify the access we have provisioned via the AD group.

Login to the citrix cloud page via the custom URL created.<uniquename&gt; . Refer to my previous blog to see how to configure Azure AD integration (link here)

The page will get redirected to Microsoft login page.

Post successful authentication, the user will get redirected to the citrix console. In the diagram below, the user is only getting the custom access to “Virtual apps and desktop service”.

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