Windows 11 Preview in AVD

In today’s blog we are going to discuss about the Windows 11 Preview in AVD. Please find the steps to add session hosts in AVD Host Pool.

First of all you need to navigate to the Windows 11 Preview page in Microsoft marketplace.URL is given below.

Once you are in the page, click on “Get it now” button to subscribe to Windows 11 preview. You need to sign in using your credentials as shown in the diagram below.

Windows 11 preview page
Preview Sign In Option

Creating the Windows 11 master image

To create a windows 11 master image, navigate to Azure marketplace and search for Windows 11. From the Windows 11 preview, select the required OS Type. For the demo, I am selecting Windows 11 Multi session Enterprise (preview).

Windows 11 OS Selection in Azure Marketplace

Follow the standard VM creation process and create your master image. Once the master image is created Add the VM to domain and install the core applications like AV, DLP, Browsers etc. Sysprep the machine to generalize the image.

Once the VM is ready follow the capture process explained in the Microsoft blog

Adding Windows 11 to AVD Host Pool

You can add a Windows 11 to AVD host pool in 2 ways. One method is to create a new host pool by selecting the image you have created in the above section.

The other method is to create couple of VMs from the image and add to the existing hostpool. You need to install the Virtual desktop agent and Virtual desktop agent bootloader as per the article

The windows 11 Optimization steps are still missing and will be uploaded soon to the blog.

Happy testing. My Windows 11 Multi session AVD below.

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