FSLogix ObjectSpecific Setting

Let us consider that you are deploying FSLogix to a large group of users and need to split the files share based on the AD group or to provide a custom FSLogix setting to specific business group or user. How can we achieve this scenario. One way is to apply multiple GPOs targeting these user group. But that will lead to a long login process. The way to tackle this problem is to use FSLogix ObjectSpecific settings via a single GPO.FSlogix Objectspecific settings are not available via FSlogix ADMX template. Instead you need to use “ObjectSpecific” registry key to achieve it.

Let us see how ObjectSpecific setting work in action. Assume that you want to provide storage A to user group A and Storage B to user group B as shown in the below diagram.

FSLogix Object Specific GPO Scenario

Let us see how this can be achieved using registry.

Create a key named “ObjectSpecific” under FSLogix Profile registry path “HKLM\Software\FSLogix\Profiles\ObjectSpecific” or under ODFC registry location “HKLM\​Software\Policies\FSLogix\ODFC\ObjectSpecific” as per the requirement.

Create subkeys with the SID of the AD group/user you need to give special settings.In my example, I have configured for ADgroup1 to get SalesFileShare and ADGroup2 to get ITFileShare.

You can specify other FSLogix settings also via this approach. Hope this blog provide you some insights, let me know your queries and suggestions.

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