Create New AWS Workspaces

To create a workspace, search for Workspaces in the “Search Bar”.

Click on the “Workspaces” icon to navigate to the Workspaces page

Click on Launch Workspaces to start creating a workspace

Note:- You need to create a Directory if  you want to provision workspaces. Don’t worry, you can use Directories(Simple AD and AD Connect) free of cost* with Workspaces. Refer Manage Directories for Amazon WorkSpaces – Amazon WorkSpaces to know more.

Select the Directory where you want to launch your workspaces.

In the “Identify Users” tab, enter the username, first name, last name, email address.

Note: – Your onetime registration token will be sent to email address which you are providing in the below screen.

Use the “+Create Additional Users” button to create more users.

Once you enter the details click on “Create users” and Click Next.

Select the Bundle from the list shown the screen. You can either use the existing pre-created Bundles or you can create your own bundle.

A bundle is simply a combination of your “OS image+vCPU+RAM+Storage“

Select the “Running Mode” in the WorkSpaces configuration tab. “AlwaysOn” will be billed monthly and AutoStop will be charged per hour*. Please Check the bottom of this blog to see how much the AWS Workspaces cost per month.

Select the Encryption, you can encrypt both Root and User volumes. The key will be saved in KMS

Once you are done, click “Launch Workspaces”.

The Workspace creation will take 20minutes approximately. You will receive an email like below with the details to connect to your workspaces.