Deploying Citrix Cloud Connector Appliance in AWS

For configuring a Citrix Cloud Connector Appliance, navigate to Citrix Cloud Portal. Click on the hamburger menu and select “Resource Locations”.

Go to the resource location where you need to add the Cloud connector. Click on the ‘+’ icon in the Cloud connector appliance.

The Connector appliance download window will appear. Select AWS from the drop down and Click on go to marketplace.

An AWS AMI page will be displayed. Click on “launch instance from AMI” to start the EC2 deployment.

You can also search the AMI from the marketplace and Click on Continue.

Follow the standard EC2 creation process to create the EC2 instance from the Citrix Cloud connector AMI. Once done, login to the URL using the EC2 appliance IP address. You will be prompted to set the password during the 1st login.

Once the password is set, you will be prompted to login again using the newly set password.

Click on ‘Register connector’ to initiate the Cloud connector registration.

Copy the code from the Cloud connector appliance and paste the same in the Citrix Cloud console. Click on register on Citrix Cloud.

Click on Register in the Citrix Cloud Registration page to complete the registration.

You will get prompt that the registration is successful.

Once registered, the next step is to configure domain integration in the Cloud connector appliance. In the Cloud connector appliance registration page, under ‘active director domains’ provide the domain name and click on ‘Add’.

The active directory integration page will appear where the user ID, password to be provided. You need read only permissions in the AD domain to complete the integration.

Click on Continue to complete the active directory integration.

Navigate to the Citrix Cloud portal and click on the Cloud connector appliance to verify the connectivity.


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