Create an expense tracker App using Microsoft Power Apps & SharePoint in 5 mins

Microsoft Power Apps is a magical product which allows users to create apps with no or low code Power platform infrastructure. In this blog, we are going to create an expense tracker using Power Apps & SharePoint.

1st of all, let us create a SharePoint list to start with. I name my SharePoint list as “expense tracker”. From the SharePoint page, click on “+New” and select “List” from the drop down.

Select “blank list” from the create a list window and name your SharePoint list and click on create.

Once the list is created, I have added the required column for my tracker like expense category, amount, payment type etc. I use the “add column” option in SharePoint list to add the required columns.

Option to add a new Column
SharePoint Columns

Once my SharePoint list is completely ready, click on the “Integrate” option in the top menu and select Power Apps –> Create an App.

A new dialogue box will appear asking to name your Power App. Provide a name for your application and click on Create.

You will be redirected to “” page and a “canvas” app will be created automatically with the required fields.

For making any changes to the app, click on the required tile in the App and the Properties bar will be displayed on the left side of the menu.

Once you complete your application changes, click on F5 or “play” icon in the top menu to Preview your application.

The application will be displayed to you in a new window in mobile view mode.

Once you are happy with your application look and feel and configuration, Click on File menu–>Save to save your application. Verify in the SharePoint site whether the list is getting updated from the entries you have added via the Application.

Click on share to share your application to other colleagues in your organization. Note:- the users need to have access to SharePoint site to perform the edits.

A new window will appear asking you to enter the required email address to share your application. You can type “everyone” to share the app across all users in your organization. You can also add co-owners from the share option screen.

To edit the application, navigate to the Home page in “” portal and select your application from My apps section. Click on the three dots and select edit from the menu to make changes to the application.

Once the application is edited and saved, you will get an option in the save menu to “publish the new version”. Click on Publish this version to share the latest version among users.

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